All Alone

MeI feel like these last twenty or so blog posts have been very informing regarding how to handle everyday paranormal occurrences. This last one will regard never being alone to try these things. We can be more fearful and intimidated if we are alone. This goes for all situations. If you are in a haunted house by yourself, your adrenaline is going to be much higher than if you were someone else. It is as if the adrenaline is cut in half. Demonic entities can be very devious and manipulating to the point where on the box of the Ouija board, one of the rules, is not to play by yourself. This can cause lots of problems because they feel more powerful than you, which most are.

Having two people, especially one experienced, make the demons feel less powerful. This is a good thing.  Another great thing about having someone experienced there is that they know how to handle dangerous situations. They can also spot signs that you are talking to something demonic before something bad does happen. If you read back through all my posts, you could be the “experienced” one. Have fun, stay safe, and remember, It’s just a game, isn’t it?


Intriging Haunted Places


Moundsville Penitentiary

During its more than 100 years in operation, the Moundsville Penitentiary in West Virginia was one of America’s most violent correctional facilities and the final stop for almost 1,000 criminals. The prisoners lived in cramped quarters. Many men were hanged or killed in the electric chair, while others were murdered by other prisoners. The prison closed in 1995, but according to some, the tortured spirits are still behind bars and in the bowels of the prison and may be seen or heard on a tour.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Once known as the Weston State Hospital, this asylum was home to thousands of people with mental illness, starting in 1864. Hundreds of people died here before the facility closed in 1994. The spirits that are said to haunt the site today date back to the Civil War era, when the asylum’s grounds served as a military post. Paranormal tours of the facility feature 2-hour visits to the asylum’s 4 main hot spots. The more intense Ghost Hunt is an 8-hour, overnight paranormal adventure with experienced ghost-hunting guides.

Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast 

Fans of unsolved mysteries can spend a night at one of the most notorious—and spookiest—crime scenes in the country: the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum in Fall River, Mass., about an hour south of Boston. In 1892, Lizzie Borden was accused of murdering her father and stepmother with an axe in their home. Though Borden was acquitted, her name is still synonymous with the gruesome murders that to this day remain unsolved. At the B&B in the former Borden home, you can sleep in the master bedroom that belonged to the hacked up couple, or in the room where the body of Abby Borden, Lizzie’s stepmother, was found dead.



Society Needs Them

ouijaaaaaI believe that Ouija boards are not just a game. I think they play a huge part in a lot of things that happen today. Ouija boards are an amazing way to be able to connect with past relatives which can be a sort of reassurance to a lot of people. Most of the time Ouija boards get a bad wrap for pretty much being a symbol for demonic entities and for being a “satanic ritual” which is not the case for a lot of enthusiast and users.

Connection with the past can be very very interesting and informative. This needs to be studied. The Ouija board is also a great learning tool; it is important for people to know what else is out there besides just physical objects that is seen by the eye because the things you can not see are just as real as the things that you do see.

By using the board you can learn a lot of history and a lot of things that could very well happen in past life. I believe there are many things that everybody comes in contact with daily. Ouija board is not the only way or tool to contact paranormal entities, it can also come from tools like EVP devices, spirit boxes and also Electro-magnetic field detectors and many more. We need these things for the people who do want to communicate with the other side.

Do Not Judge

In our generation, judging one other is a common thing. This causes people to hide what they really enjoy and in front of people, their passionate hobbies can quickly become something they have never heard of. This is a problem and in the spiritual topic of things, people do this ALL the time. We think it is un-normal or weird to try to talk to things that we cannot see but this is nonsense. If they can communicate and react to you then there is something there or if you can de-bunk every single thing, good for you. It is okay to enjoy paranormal activity, regardless, whether or not people judge you. girl in whiteMy mom has battled this ever since she was nine years old, as I have stated before, she can see ghosts. When she started realizing this sixth sense and started telling people, they were quick to shame her and call her crazy. This is a major issue, believing in ghosts is zero percent different from a vegan believing in not using animal products or even the hunter to believe it is okay to kill animals for food. Everyone has something they like and others should not judge their actions/hobbies. The reason I am bringing this is up is because in the paranormal realm, people stereotype the us who enjoy these things as “weird” and “over-imaginative” resulting in us hiding these things. If you are reading this, and have kept quick about your paranormal beliefs, then stop hiding it, you are not alone.

Horror Movies

stock-photo-spooky-halloween-cemetery-creepy-dummy-candles-haunted-ouija-e9511ea9-3bab-44f9-9e7c-583852d6d996Movies play a huge role into how people perceive paranormal experiences. These major hit of movies influence who and whatever watches them. These people are sometimes traumatized and this is why the paranormal has such a bad rep. The Exorcist, released in 1973was one of the first movies to traumatize the public by the sight of a little girl possessed by the devil. This works by making everyone believe that Ouija boards were made for the devil and everyone who uses one will have evil entities that follow them around. While these occurrences do happen here and there, this is not the reasoning behind the board. This is just another example of these stereotypes that are just simply not true.

Ouija: Origin of Evil has been a huge hit since it was released in 2016. This movie is surrounded by another young girl who uses the Ouija board and gets possessed to the extent of actually killing people. We go and watch something like that and just that quick, we turn our backs on the paranormal and communication is completely out of question.

I love horror movies, do not get me wrong. The movies are one of the reasons I am as into this as I am, but I do have an issue with how people perceive them. I would recommend not believing everything that you see in movies, even when based on a true story. I am also not saying it won’t happen but I believe the board can only be evil if you allow it to be evil.  You have the power to stop this just as you have the power to start it. The board can be used for just as much good as evil but the evil will not appear until you give it permission to.

Opening Your Mind

Opening someones mind can be the hardest part about this whole situation because people can be very stubborn. People grow up and learn themselves how their parents and society shape them then after they get to the age of accountability, they can decide ether or not they believe in certain things. Most people begin to just “forget” about the paranormal because it doesn’t necessarily affect every day life, so out of sight, out of mind. photo-1443727181919-ccb1e90dc6cdLike I said, Humans can be very stubborn within themselves so once they decipher what they believe in and what they do not, then they usually stick with it, leaving almost no budging room. Believing in such topic takes effort about opening your mind and thinking something can be possible even when it is not before your eyes. I know this is hard, because it takes more effort than lots of people want to participate in. Being honest, most of the time these people may actually be “safer” because the risks that are involved aren’t available for them.

Opening your mind can and is done all the time.I usually come across many encounters where people, even some close to me, still do not believe. They believe that everything has a scientific reasoning behind it but I feel like there needs to be a happy medium within science and the unexplainable. I feel like they think this because they closed their mind when they became an adult and since it doesn’t affect them, then it doesn’t exist. Some might say this is the smart things to do, but is it exciting?


candle-1018368_960_720If Ouija Boards have all of these dangerous aspects, you are probably thinking, why would anyone want to do this? Well, along with the bad, comes the good. When these boards were first invented they were suppose to be for people to connect with lost loved ones. This especially got big during the Civil war to connect with lost soldiers, which isn’t evil at all. This happens all the time now but like most things, people only talk about the bad.

Mediums use the device to help “portal” a way for their loved ones to come through. This happens more often than not. I have actually got to communicate with a spirit that told me things my grandpa had said while in heaven. While I was doing this, he told me things about my grandpa that no one else in the room knew. These are the happy moments when the risks of trying to communicate is overly worth it. It is almost like pure validation to an extent that there is more to life than life itself, it can be much more. The Ouija board has just as many benefits as it does consequences, it will be your choice if the results will outweigh the risks.

They also carry a huge economical benefit, because believe it or not, this is not a dying industry. If anything, the paranormal is bigger than it has been in ages.